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Google Workspace Migration from Microsoft 365

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UNKNOWN began as a creative recruitment company. It’s now a community of doers, leaders and makers. They all share one thing in common – a love of, and comfort in, the Unknown.

Operating in London, New York, Amsterdam and Australia, they are experts in unlocking creative potential and what people are capable of rather than what they’ve done. 

Initial Engagement

Pickl started working with UNKNOWN in early 2022, helping implement a more structured and specialised IT approach to support their business. During our initial engagement, the mandate became clear: to audit and set up a detailed roadmap for the future IT environment.

With the UNKNOWN team growing globally and in an era of hybrid workplaces and distributed teams, Pickl needed to challenge the productivity suite to bridge the communication and collaboration gaps. Google Workspace was the selected platform.  

Pickl migrated 30+ mailboxes from Outlook into Gmail and set up the Google Workspace environment for all users at UNKNOWN. The benefits included:

  • Collaboration and communication at the epicentre of its productivity suite
  • Increased speed, accessibility and mobility
  • Google Apps run smoother in browser use and the Apple environment
  • Applications update your files in real time in Google Docs and Sheets

Ollie Scott, founder of UNKNOWN, was kind enough to share his experience with Pickl:

“As a founder, and a self-diagnosed technophobe, there is nothing that terrifies and frustrates me more than technology and systems. And that’s why I am eternally and daily grateful to Matt and Pickl for making our lives incredibly efficient and dramatically simplified.

“We were in a proper pickle before we met Matt and the team. Our systems were all over the place and we didn’t know where to start. In literally under four weeks, we have an unrecognisably simplified and beautiful tech set up. Pickl. Is. Life.”